I just wanted to do to see if I could do it

So this is the second time ever that I’ve gone to 100 days. I know there are people with WAY longer, but 100 seems like a pretty good number to me.

My last 100+ was almost basically a year ago, which means that there’s something in April that really gets me going.

The post is more of a reminder to me, and maybe anyone looking to see if the average guy can pull it off, that you can do it. that it’s possible. put the porn away (delete it, etc) and fill your time with something else. Don’t touch your dick… it only leads to relapse.

I’m going to take some time away from reddit and this community at the end of this week, like others have done in the past and see what changes.

cheers everyone. you’ve been great. stay strong.


I didnt go all fap-crazy if that’s what you’re talking about, although I obviously did fap because I broke the streak… It wasn’t about going at it every day or several times a day or anything crazy. It ended up being once or twice over a two week period. (EDIT: a micro-streak if you will) This may be too much for some, while others may see this as a feat in itself. Furthermore, there were a bunch of what I will now call mini-streaks. I know the highest non-triple digit I had was about 85 and I’m pretty sure there were a few streaks between 40-80.

Mileage may vary and it always depends on what you’re doing it for. I wasn’t really chronic before I started. It was something I just wanted to do to see if I could do it. It is possible everyone.

A note for anyone who reads this, be wary of goals you may set; don’t set a goal to make it to a week, a month, a hundred days, a year, or whatever. Once you reach that number you might be all “ok, now I’ve reached my meaningless number, I won. fap time bitches!“. On the flip side, in setting a goal, you do have something solid to work towards. You can count the days up or down and can guide your journey thusly.

LINK – Witness me! I’ve just hit 100+ days 🙂


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