I objectify women far less, My body feels like it did when I was a child, Less shy, Top 1% of my class

So I had been trying to quit fapping for years on my own, but I never had much real success until I found this place. At my worst, I would fap roughly three times a day (on occasion as much as five or six).

When I found this place, I was down to roughly once every two days. This is meant to encourage those who haven’t had much success yet. Realize that victory might not be immediate, but if you put in real effort, kicking this habit is definitely worth it. I’m happy to announce that after nearly eleven months of trying, I’ve finally hit 90 days!

One of the most important things that helped me in my streak was the desire not to be where I was in the future. I would advise everyone to take note of the day when you’ll hit ninety. Back when I had built up one of my usual short streaks about three months ago, I realized that if I relapsed then, I wouldn’t have hit ninety days before I graduated from college. This led me to adopt the following phrase as a sort of mantra during the early portion of this streak: “Fapping is simply not an option.” If I were to fap then, another milestone, another long period of my life would have gone by without any progress against this addiction. As the streak went on, it began to sustain itself. I began to realize that fapping was no longer the norm for me, and I didn’t want to lose the streak. However, I kind of wish I had kept up with my “mantra” because I allowed too many preventable urges during roughly the second half of my streak.

That brings me to my next point: avoid urges, but don’t be surprised when they come. Most obviously, don’t watch porn or edge. This is the basic element of success, but someone who is really serious about this can do even more. For instance, I avert my eyes during any bothersome commercials or movie scenes. I make the conscious effort not to check out any girl I’m not interested in pursuing (which accounts for about 99% of all the girls I see). Despite all of these efforts, though, urges will come…but they will do so with less frequency and strength. When they come, I try to dismiss them. I think to myself, “Urge dismissed.” This doesn’t always work, and sometimes I have to wrestle with them for longer than I’d like to, but it does work a lot of the time.


  • First and foremost, I have far fewer intrusive sexual thoughts, and I objectify women far less.
  • My body feels like it did when I was a child, and I generally feel more comfortable in my skin.
  • I used to be really shy, and I still am in some ways. Nowadays, though, I dance at parties, and I do it just for fun! And let me tell you, I have the moves!
  • Another big milestone I experienced during this streak was getting accepted to a PhD program at an Ivy League school. I can’t attribute that directly to NoFap, but NoFap definitely helped make this amazing life event even better.
  • I’m about to graduate from my great college in the top 1% of my class, and I have a bright future ahead of me.

Lastly, I wanted to thank you guys here at NoFap, NoFapChristians, and NoFapWar for all your help and support. You guys can work wonders for those who really want to quit, and I’m proud to be a part of this movement.

Best wishes!

LINK – 90 Days!

by stgeorge1