I realized my change when my family started telling me I was happy and smiled more. I became more social & enjoy talking to people


My story Back in January or so I found this subreddit on askreddit where a dude was complaining about his addiction he had. Someone recommended NoFap so me being curious I checked it out and to my surprise there were people like me.

Now of course I was ignorant and selfish and angry at the time so I would read post and hate what people were saying about porn because I was addicted and I thought what’s wrong with it. So I left nofap and for some reason I kept it in the back of my head.

Little back story: I had a bad addiction much younger but it got less and less bad growing up but porn was still there and I still watched every other day. But basically I was a depressed person and all because of my living condition and moving all over the country. Like I said I was a very angry person and ignorant and selfish. So it was the last couple of days of January and I read a post somewhere on reddit saying “you just got to accept the wrong in you and fix it” and that stayed with me for two days until the very first day of February. I had enough with my lifestyle so I decided to pick up a challenge workout ones, it was very simple pushups everyday for a month and the month was done I was very happy with my results so I wanted to continue so I picked a much harder challenge and kept with it. It was late march where I decide if I can do these challenge I can work on other things so I thought of nofap. March 22 was my last PMO. I thought to myself I didn’t need this anymore it made me feel horrible at the end and at that point I was just doing it to do it. From then on I had no desire to go back.

Benefits: For the superpowers people talked about on NoFap. They are true problem is you really don’t realize until you sit down and think about it, It not a physical change you don’t see it. It more internal. I realized my change when my family started telling me I was happy and smiled more I didn’t realize it. Also I became more social i enjoy talking to people. What really hit me was I was angry towards others because I realize I was really angry at myself. Didn’t have it anymore, that’s because I wasn’t angry at myself to be angry at others, usually you blame others for your actions. Once you have no reason to be angry at yourself then there is no reason to be angry at others.

Now for my opinion on this subreddit – it’s a love/hate thing. My experience here is I only open this place probably less than ten times I read a couple of people stories and they were all great but people shouldn’t spend time here all the time because you begin to discourage yourself reading story of people who have days months maybe years of not fapping. The point of getting rid of an addiction is to completely forget about it not remind you of “ok tomorrow is day X of not fapping.” NOOOOO don’t do this just go on with your day avoid any talk about PMO it’s just a constant reminder that PMO is an option.

LINK – My experience with NoFap and opinion on it ( Long )

by Eon16