I see women now, as people who are there to be loved n protected, and guided.


It’s like… I have a sister and I love her, so somehow I see women young and beautiful ones like her but with sexual attraction. Kind of like someone who I care about and want to protect exactly same, just that one love is different love than other. Eros and Philos loves’ in Greek. Basically I just see them as people with feelings, and the sex act is so much more important and potent.

Cause I care now, then I can’t just be thinking about getting lots of girls and pump and dump. Likewise, I will make sure not to let certain women use me too. I see women now, as people who are there to be loved n protected, and guided. And ultimately what they really want deep down, to make a family. So that is the main thing. If we take sex as this serious thing, then it makes everything so much better. And we don’t abuse each-other, and hurt each-other for physical pleasure, release etc. I feel like in Buddhism this sexual lusting filth is a form of violence… And I will not do it again. I don’t say I’ll be a white knight. Far from it, I might even have more than one woman too, but It won’t be just for sex.

It’s a really alien thing, but I love it. Even the stranger thing is that this alien feeling is supposed to be normal, and the PMO is the real alien. I feel clean now, and I can live properly when things are balanced. Women are no longer priority 1, more like 3. Manliness first Goal tribe feel so much more important than getting my damn rocks off…. We do all this work as men so we can build a better place. In the end we need a woman to help us build a family!

I feel so good about this. I still sometimes think of those porn images. And I am sure that I will forever have them and temptation, but the addiction is gone!

Most importantly.. thank God I see women as people. It’s totally different now. When I talk to them I’d don’t think about sex, not till later.

Cheers! BABY!

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BY – Gladiatori