I used to have social anxiety, and I would get so nervous when I interact with people.

I used to have social anxiety, and I would get so nervous when I interact with people. I’m not the kind of person who starts conversations, and when I do, I feel very nervous when talking with someone. This nerves get worse when I am talking in a group during discussions.

However, my social anxiety is somewhat “cured”, but I’m not sure if it is due to NoFap, or I have good moods on most days now that I don’t PMO. I feel like I am more in sync with other people, and when I start conversations, it would come naturally. No more anxiousness or nervousness like 1 month ago.

Also, I notice people smiling at me more, and I am sure it is because I’m in a good mood and I am smiling more at other people. I really do not want to go back to porn, because for some reason, watching porn ruins my mood as I have a constant feeling of guilt coming from somewhere.

Coming out of an addiction is a journey, and even if I hit 90 days of NoFap, I am still continuing on because undoing the damage done by my addiction is an ongoing process, and I must never let my guard down because temptations are just round the corner, and a relapse is inevitable should I let my guard down.

I am at an age where I need to start investing in myself, and find out my identity through personal growth, and I believe NoFap is a great place to start.

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by TheSleepingDonkey

UPDATE – Nofap is real – Better self-esteem

I had low self-esteem pretty much my entire life because of my upbringing. I was always told I’m not good enough, and I wasn’t allowed to fail at anything. I always thought I was ugly, and no one would like me. I never associated myself with the cool guys in my school but things changed when I started Nofap.

Somehow when I started this journey on hardmode a year ago, I had this innate desire to better myself and explore who I truly am, and break out of the mold my parents raised me in. I began ignoring all the negativity in my life, and focused solely on improving myself. Hard work paid off, and now I can confidently say I’m good-looking, cool, and I hang out with cool guys in my school. My previously over-sensitive self now morphed into a confident one able to withstand criticism and judgment.

For all those out there who feel insecure and think you are ugly, just know that handsomeness and confidence doesn’t come like that unless you are genetically gifted with the looks. Most of us need to work for it, and that means changing your outlook of life, taking care of yourself and dressing well. For me, the simple act of styling my hair gives me a huge confidence boost everyday. Handsomeness is the product of doing what makes you feel good and confident.

And don’t forget to workout. A great body also gives you confidence and makes you better looking.

TLDR: Take care of your physical appearance + workout + change mindset = increase self esteem and better looks.