I was overweight, masturbated all day that I got ED, leeched off my parents, hated women, suicidal: 3 year of NoFap changed everything.


I’ve lurked this subreddit for a while. Reading all your inspirational stories helped change my life. I used to be extremely overweight, ate nonstop junk food, masturbated all day that I got ED, leeched off my parents, hated women, was super MGTOW and suicidal. Now I’ve bought an apartment, am fit, got a girlfriend, got a job, and I actually enjoy life.

I completely stopped fapping and viewing pornography. I noticed how my acne started to go away and I could actually focus on productive hobbies. I got a job that required a little physical exercise and stopped eating junk food, and I quickly lost weight. Then I started to hit the gym, and I gained confidence, and noticed how I was much happier.

Slowly, I started to talk to girls and become more confident. I felt more confident approaching girls since I couldn’t fap, before I would disregard women and say I could just jack off.

I stopped feeling so shitty when I finally changed my diet, started exercising, and I also started to go outside more and volunteer, which made me feel really good about myself when I helped other people. The persistent depression and suicidal thoughts started to go away.

And I noticed how if I got rejected by girls I didn’t really care as much, before I would obsess over girls and get heartbroken when they wouldn’t like me back and say how I hate women. Before approaching girls was super scary, but as my confidence grew and I kept approaching more and more girls, it became natural and easy.

Fapping gave me instant satisfaction that I didn’t care about the future and long term happiness. When I stopped giving into instant pleasure, I realized the beauty of life and everything it had to offer.

LINK – Haven’t masturbated in three years-how my life has changed

by factia