I’m an entirely different person than the unattractive, fat perv who started NoFap over a year ago.

Well, here we are. I never thought I would ever make it this far, but look at me now. I guess I sorta get what people mean when they talk about their superpowers on here.

I more jokingly call them that, but I get it. I feel more energetic, more focused, and a lot happier, but I feel like fellow Fapstronauts don’t realize what is happening to them. To me, NoFap is in exercise in willpower. Yes, many have an addiction, as did I, but it is mainly training. With my new found will, I started running and lifting weights, I ate healthier, and completely changed my look. I’m an entirely different person than the unattractive, fat perv who started NoFap over a year ago. Yes, I still fall prey to my animal brain and eat shit, or get horny flashes where I want nothing more than to PMO, but I feel mostly free of my addiction and inadequacies. I’ve broken my addiction.

I guess the most important thing I can pass on is to never give up. It took me roughly 430 days to get to where I am, and it would have taken me a lot less if I hadn’t given up for a while last spring. It took me too long to realize that if you have your heart set on a goal, you should let nothing stop you. No matter how hard it is or how long it takes, it will always be worth it to stand on the mountaintop, beat your chest, and yell out at everything and everyone that you did it. Another thing I’ve learned is how powerful taking cold showers are. It seems like such a random, insignificant thing to do, but it makes so much difference. If you have the willpower to stand under the singeing ice cold water and manage to get everything you have to do done, you have the power to do anything you want. I’ve also learned that avoiding triggers is a bad idea. I know this might sound controversial, but trying to hide from triggers isn’t improvement, nor is it realistic. You might make it 17 days and feel great, then all the sudden see a boob and lose control. I’m not saying watch porn or purposefully go after triggers, just don’t actively hide from anything. Imagine if I said I can only run 8 miles if I don’t realize I’m running, ridiculous right.

I think I’ll be taking my leave now, for good. I’m beyond needing help and support at this point, and looking forward, I want to completely move on from the old me. I might lurk here from time to time, and maybe offer some help to those in need, but I don’t need NoFap anymore. I’ll still be abstaining from PMO, and keeping track of my days occasionally, but it’s gone from my life now. I want to thank everyone in this sub for all the things you guys and gals have done for me. Y’all have changed my life. It wasn’t /r/fitness, it wasn’t /r/malefashionadvice, it was /r/NoFap. I’m so thankful for the day I found this sub, and I’ll never forget it. From now one, every time I do 10 reps on my 1+, or say no to pizza in favor of chicken and rice, or get back from a backpack trip in the Rockies, I’ll always remember, if briefly, the amazing people in this sub, and all the people gaining their freedom back everyday. 🙂 Yours Truly – PMMeYourBootyPics

LINK – 90 Days – What I’ve Learned, What I Have To Share, and What’s Ahead

by PMMeYourBootyPics