I’m becoming more productive and hell I even got a job earlier this week!

It’s finally here! My 90th day on hard mode! It’s taken me one year to get to this point and I’m very happy I’ve made it this far. Through my one year of doing NoFap I’ve been in 4 different health clinics and have dropped out of the university taking classes back at a JC to go into welding. Let me first start of by saying that by no means had I ever thought I would make it this far.

I had started to do NoFap because during the Spring 14’ semester at a university I was in a low mood. The reason being is that I was talking to this girl during my previous semester but we weren’t an official thing. She ended up leaving me by surprise and I was stuck the next semester with my dick in my hand 3-5 times a day. The reason why is because I felt as though I didn’t need to try and get another girl. I felt like the only thing I needed in terms of having a built up of sexual frustration and releasing it was pornography, I told myself that women aren’t important right now so I’ll just focus on my studies and have porn on the side along with my social life.

So about ½ way into the semester I started feeling slow mentally. By this I mean that when it came to doing things or even conversing with people I felt as though I had some mental condition that was slowing my mental processing down. So then along with that came the social anxiety. I was living in the dorms at the time and I just didn’t wanna go outside of room at all unless I was hungry to go to the cafeteria because I just felt as though I was constantly being judged and I was always in fear and I would just stay in my room fapping, again for at least 3 times a day every single day.

Spring break came around and I went back home and was on the computer trying to figure out why I was feeling so down in my energy and slow mentally. Next thing you know I came across the original YourBrainOnPorn series and a couple Tedx talks about pornography. So from there on out I had decided to stop watching porn and put it down for good.

Little did I realize that over the course of a year my life would go through dramatic ups and downs while trying to quit PMO for good. Fast forwarding to my current streak I have seen MAJOR progress! My thoughts are much better coming faster than they were when I used to PMO, I’m becoming more productive and hell I even got a job earlier this week!

The girls are always there but they aren’t important. I now have been going to the gym almost every day just to keep my energy down because doing hardmode really gives you high energy. I also feel like it’s much different and honestly better for your brain when going through the reboot process.

So wrapping this all up I just want to let those know that NoFap is not easy and getting this 90 day badge is something that’s really exciting to have but also the beginning of something that is now a lifestyle for me. I really don’t pay attention to women let alone other people because I’m constantly growing and bettering myself.

When you stop doing something consecutively that you’ve been doing for almost 11 years you have to replace it with something else or other things. I’ve lost friends and I’m the only person that I physically know that’s actually doing it. Being in this position has made me really see how sexually driven our world is and how PMO is so common place now that people don’t speak about it but they won’t even try not doing it for a month, but for me standing up for something I believe in as one is better than being with the majority on something wrong.

Good luck to the rest of you and remember, this journey is not easy, because if it was everyone would at least have this 90 day badge. Remember, NoFap is about the journey of a better life without PMO. There’s so much out there and I can’t wait to travel around and see it all! Best of luck with your journey’s, mines took one year to get to the beginning! http://imgur.com/zGufNUM


by ChocolatePersuasion