I’m becoming someone else, someone i never knew before


Today is day 10 of a new streak, but it’s hard to cope with the life that’s approaching me. Not because of the urges, or because how hard it is to not relapse, but because of all the “benefits” i’m getting. I already feel as good as i did on my last streak of 38 days, and i feel like every streak, the “good feeling” is coming faster and faster for me.

My body is slowly adapting to a porn free life, and i feel like i’m becoming my true inner self. It’s very scary, and everything that once was not working out, is working out. I want to do so much, i have so much motivation, and i crave intimacy in an amount i’ve never had before. No, not only for sex, i want real intimacy. I want to create a deep connection with a girl, and i want to give her my warmth and hug her. This feeling is insane, and i don’t know how to deal with it. I’m becoming someone else, someone i never knew before.

My motivation is skyrocketing, and the path to the future that i want, is becoming visible. I don’t even care about having urges anymore. Urges are giving me energy to keep going, and i smile as they leave my body within 10 minutes.

I feel like my journey has come to an end. I feel like this, because i experienced tons of streaks, relapses and everything that comes with this addiction in the past. The experience i gained from the past, brought me the strength and energy to leave this addiction behind me for once and for all.

These 10 days were the easiest days in my life, you wonder why? I stopped counting the days, and i stopped focusing on quitting the addiction. I accepted that i wanted to leave this behind me, and that i just had to forget about it, accept that it is simply no longer a part of who i was, and who i want to be in the future. It’s as simple as that. You either accept it and let it go for good, or you keep relapsing, over and over again.

I came to the last part of my journey, and that is accepting that i now have the fire inside of me, accept that this fire is going to burn more and more each day, and that i have to use it wisely on everything i want to achieve in life.

Don’t count the days, and don’t focus on the end goal. Focus on the journey, and act as you are already free from the addiction. The moment you can adapt the sexual energy into productiveness, is when the great things in life happen.

LINK – The new life that’s approaching me, is overwhelming.

By Valenzo57



LINK – The new life that’s approaching me, is overwhelming.

by Valenzo57