I’m going on my first date ever on Friday!


I’m going on my first date ever on Friday 🙂 Talk to people as often as possible, even if it’s just family or coworkers. Watch their reactions and see what makes people respond positively. If you are talking about things or doing things that make people respond negatively or not at all, don’t say or do that thing anymore and try something else. Don’t just pretend you care about other people’s lives; really care about what they have going on.

Never refuse when people invite you to things unless it’s something or someone you know for a fact is harmful to you, or you legitimately can’t. Never refuse to go out with people if your only reason is you would rather stay at home or do some hobby by yourself.

Try to be friendly with everyone; even if they’re not someone you’d want to spend your weekends with. Your close friends, dates, and opportunities are often introduced to you by other people who know you. Networking is the number 1 skill a human being can possibly have in life.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to do something embarrassing and fail. You cannot become social if you play it safe all the time and never step out of your comfort zone. Talk to a classmate or co-worker you never talk to. Maybe it will be awkward. Maybe you’ll feel embarrassed. Maybe you’ll look foolish. Maybe they’ll become your best friend and save your life one day. You will die wondering what could have been if you stay quiet

[Relapses?] Lots at first. Fewer later on. Almost none in the last 6 months. None in over 90 days 🙂

LINK – I want to give back to you all, so I hope this encourages you like you did me.

By throwawayman61