I’m happier & more creative, I more sociable and appreciate the simple things

So this is my 60 days report. I have to say – I’ve grown a lot in these 2 months as a person.

  • I started appreciating simple things in life
  • I smile more and I’m happier overall
  • I procrastinate less often (but still do it from time to time.)
  • I became more creative, more into music to be exact.
  • I take every chance to socialize with others

The past few weeks I’ve been socializing A LOT! I’ve made new friends, grew closer with the ones I already had. How, you may ask? I try to go out every time I’m invited somewhere. Before that I’ve been just making excuses, why i can’t go, but in reality, i just wanted to play computer games and was afraid to go out of my comfort zone.

But now it’s all different ball game. I’m really sociable, I enjoy going out or just hanging out with my friends.

ALSO, I’m more chill around girls. I’m just being myself. Before that, i have been thinking too much about “if that would be the right thing to say”, etc. But now I just talk, sometimes talk nonsense, but that’s fine.

A quote I found REALLY useful during this stage of my life :

I’d rather live a life of “oh wells”, than “what ifs”

Thanks you for reading, hope it was informational or interesting 🙂

Have a nice day 🙂

LINK – Day 60 report – take every chance you get!

by herkoy


90 DAY REPORT90 days report – Just don’t do it!

Hey guys. So 92 days ago i told myself – challenge accepted. It’s been a long ride and this is only the beginning!

I’ve been addicted to this reddit the first 50 days or so. I’ve always checked how many days have passed and such non-sense. Now I just live, I don’t count how many days have passed (thus missing 90day post, but whatevs).

How did I do it? I just said to myself – “Sure, i can do it!”. No voodoo magic, no nothing. Just me and my self-control. You can only help yourself.

Other thing i’d like to address is cold showers. I don’t understand what is the praise about. I’ve tried it for like a week and I just saw myself get back to normal showers. Imho cold showers aren’t anything special, it won’t make you not fap.

Positives :

If you would have known me 3 months earlier you would’ve said i’m just an average introverted person, who is always very numb to emotions and kinda always depressed about something, even if i don’t show it.

Now, on the other hand, I’m really sociable, started playing guitar, asked a girl out for the first time, started to communicate with my crush, went to my first concert. I mean – i’m living! I’m much less awkward around people in general, not only females. I don’t get mad as much. This is really been good past couple of months. Everything seems to be going my way!

TLDR : Wan’t my secret to success? Positivity + self-control = results. Don’t overindulge in this reddit. Come out of your shell and life will be much better, i promise.

P.S. A quote from my earlier post. ( some people might have not seen it)

A quote I found REALLY useful during this stage of my life :

I’d rather live a life of “oh wells”, than “what ifs”

P.S.S Don’t expect the benefits to just come naturally. Put in work and effort and they will come. Sit as you always did and you won’t experience not a slightest benefit.