I’m quick witted, Greater confidence, I can approach any woman, Crave and pursue conversations, Resentment against women is leaving


Have not fapped in nearly 60 days. Haven’t looked up nsfw media in 38 days. Benefits:

  1. Can approach any woman
  2. I’m quick witted with suggestive and sly comments without trying to be
  3. My posture is better
  4. Confidence is way up
  5. Don’t carry a lot of shame
  6. Working out more
  7. Crave and pursue conversations with women
  8. Feel and look more masculine
  9. Resentment against women is leaving
  10. Endurance, strength, motivation
  11. Women want to hug me
  12. Not afraid of black people


LINK – Benefits at day 54 without masturbating

by Jcinneed