I’m viewing the world in a whole new perspective

Just hit 90 days today and thought I would share an amazing experience I had last night. For the first time in my life, I sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful sunset yesterday evening.

Never in my life had I been eager to watch the sun go down and most importantly do it without my phone, without distraction, just me, my thoughts, and the beautiful world. Getting primal and disconnecting from electronics and distraction is a great feeling.

I realized that I’m viewing the world in a whole new perspective. I’m viewing the world as it is. Hearing all the birds chirp, looking up at the vast blue sky, the puffy clouds, big blue mountains, the sun gently going down behind the mountains and the colorful red and orange tinted clouds all around it. It was truly an amazing experience.

Yet just down the road, I knew there were people sitting in their sitting in their houses glued to the front of their TV or computer screen not experiencing the world and it’s true nature. I personally think that we all get too connected, we all get too distracted by the small things, by who’s tweeting this, who instagrammed that, who posted what, whatever. “You can’t do BIG things if you’re distracted by SMALL things”

Anyways, I’ll end this off with a quote: “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” – Soren Kierkegaard

Keep going everyone, NEVER give up. In anything you do. Whether it be through NoFap, through an entrepreneurial venture, physically, emotionally, financially, whatever it may be.

Keep pushing on, keep pushing on, and if you’re that determined, you will succeed in that area of your life.

LINK – Viewing the world in a different perspective. 90 Days.

by rlcf