In the last few years I have transformed my life via nofap

Hi All, first and foremost thank you for all the advice and experience shared on here.

This is my first post in order to try to help others, I have been battling a PMO addiction for several years and have summarised below my Top 3 tips:

1) Recognise your patterns and be ready.

Late nights are always risky for me so I go to bed very early. This means I wake up earlier and be more productive in the morning. The Chimp Paradox is a great read in this respect, your “chimp” mind tends to take control when you are tired.

2) Create a new focus on something BIG

Make yourself a mission to turn another area of your life around and this will prove a great distraction. I personally stepped up my game as a manager at work and within 2 weeks had completely restructured my team, training and ability to manage other people. Watch the Ted talk “Drawing your Future” if you are struggling for ideas, this helped me.

3) Find yourself by road testing your dreams.

I always wanted to be a music producer but after doing a course and getting out there found out it wasn’t really for me and allowed me to focus on on what I really wanted to do in this world.

In the last few years I have transformed my life via nofap, realised my true calling and become far more comfortable in my own skin. Good luck everyone keep pushing!!!

LINK – Multiple attempts, massive transformation, top 3 tips

by Adj321