Increased confidence and energy level, De-objectification of women, Better memory

Hey NoFappers,

I am glad to share that I have completed 2 months without PMO. below are some of the highlights:

  1. Increased confidence and energy level
  2. Enhanced conscience and reduced anxiety
  3. De-objectification of women
  4. Seriously contemplating semen retention/Karezza for life
  5. Better stamina, brighter skin, healthier hair
  6. Least self-consciousness
  7. Gained ability to keep myself calm in uncomfortable situations(much of it’s credit goes to cold showers though)
  8. Improved brain functioning and able to recall long-forgotten memories
  9. Levelled up in humor sense
  10. Urges are controllable

I am now 41 days away from my target of reaching 101 days of nofapping.

PS: Had 4 nocturnal emissions though the journey so far, out of which last one which occurred last weekend was MASSIVE.

Thread: NoFAP Journey: 60 Days Milestone Achieved

BY – shikhar


UPDATE – .. and then I completed 100 PMO days on my birthday!

First of all, I feel utterly obligated to express my gratitude towards

this community. When I started off my journey out of the world of

FAPPING, I was completely unaware of the existence of this community.

Associating with this community later on is the single most prominent

reason that I am able to pull off this amazing feat in my second attemp

itself. People here have always been a source of sheer encouragement to

me. It would be wrong if I ignore guys who timely warned me of impending

catastrophy by constantly sharing their personal experience of relapses.

Not only they shared their moments of disappointment, they highlighted

what lead them to it. Let me tell you guys this > you are not failures,

you are the heroes in the success story of many of us!

Now, following is the list of benefits I reaped out of NOFAP experience:

1. I have started loving Myself: It’s amazing. I don’t curse myself for

being any less than others. Rather, I make efforts to surpass myself

each day. I don’t compete with any one but myself. I have become a very

self-centered person when it comes to self-improvement.

2. Boldness in action: Last year in May, I approached a girl with a poem

which I wrote about her. She semi-gracefully rejected it. She said,

“It’s weird!(to give someone a poem about them!)”. I mean, SERIOUSLY,

WEIRD!? I know she could have said something else. But those words hit

me like an overspeeding bullet train. That day I decided to put efforts

for myself rather than doing anything for others who don’t appreciate

things done selflessly for them. That was the day I smoked my last

cigarette (I was a smoker since 8 years and tried several times to quit

but failed!). And then one good thing leads to another and I eventually

started NOFAP and came so far. I pinged her few days back and told her

how much improvements in my life I have gained since that day and after

that incident. I was not being sarcastic at all. Instead, I offered her

my gratitude for being a part of it. She was surprised and happy about

me. I am really glad I told this to her.

3. Getting a partner is no longer a priority: I am a 26 years old virgin

and never had a girlfriend. I have never been shy around women lately.

However, I am still not delibrately looking for GF. At the same time, I

don’t despise guys with terrific GFs. I feel happy for them instead. I

know that my partner will be as awesome as I can possibly can think of.

I just know it!

4. Confidence: I am in the middle of so many job interviews and I have

already been telling everyone that I will clear those. Am I getting

insane!? LOL

5. Writing better: English is not my native language though my writing

skills are getting better each day.

6. Rebooted: I, honestly, believe to have been rebooted. Morning wood is

as stiff as a bone and my penis is not hyper sensitive, as it used to

be, at all. I have started appreciating women’s beauty without

objectifying their body parts. Urges no longer hit me. I hit them

instead. Very hard!

7. Mental improvement: I am getting significantly better in chess.

Psycologically, I am being substantially optimistic and don’t give up

till the end.

8. Calmness in actions: I don’t get tempted easily. I have learned to

calm myself even in case of adversity. This lets me think clearly and

arrive at the best possible solution/answer at that moment. However, I

will attribute much of this to Cold Showers I have been taking.

9. Happy for no reason: Literally for no reason!

So guys, these are the benefits I can think of right now. There have

been many other amazing things happening to me due to NoFAP. As the

title says, it’s my birthday today and this is by far the best gift I

gave to myself ever! Thanks for reading guys. AMA