It feels like a curtain lifting before your eyes


My sexuality has gone from “That girl has a nice ass, I’d love to bang her” to being 90% mental; picking up cues, seeking to dominate, give pleasure and fulfill a part of my masculinity through connecting with a feminine woman that I find attractive, on not just the physical – but majorly on the mental level. I don’t worry about my dick size and other unimportant things that much anymore.

Viewing porn doesn’t interest me anymore, as it lacks the mental aspect of sex and sexuality and thus it doesn’t fulfill my masculine needs.

This has started to translate to other parts of my life. I’m seeking to nourish my masculinity through lifting weights, eating healthily and being aware of my everyday actions. My social mentality has gone from being submissive to treating myself and others with respect. That means I don’t tolerate shit from other people, nor do I tolerate shit from myself. I’m becoming less selfish and starting to realize that each person has his own problems and weaknesses. I’ve started to spot mental weaknesses in most people I meet, and it even seems like you can tell if another guy over indulgences in masturbation just by looking at his composure.

It feels like I’m starting to connect the dots on what’s causing all the mental discomfort, sexual frustration etc. in today’s society and it largely has to do with the over exposure of porn robbing men of their manhood and feminism affecting both masculinity and femininity negatively.

It feels like a curtain lifting before your eyes. I quit a little over 2 years ago with many relapses along the way, the last one a few weeks ago. I don’t count the days, as I consider this an ingrained part of my lifestyle at this point.

LINK – Quitting PMO has changed the way I view sexuality

by FreeTehMind