It feels like I am waking up from some deep, cloudy dream.

I’m on day 134 of hardmode so far. I feel so focused and in control right now. All the colors, sounds, smells, and emotions of the world are so vivid and beautiful. It feels like I am waking up from some deep, cloudy dream.

With every new day, I can feel more and more light flooding my whole being. Praying and meditation brings about pure bliss like I’ve never experienced before. Better than any drug and, yes, better than any sex I’ve had or taken. I’m not having as many sexual urges any more, which is actually really exciting and brings more bliss to my heart! My whole perception is slowly changing from “I want this, I need that” to “What does the world need to be a better place for everyone?” I am beginning to see everyone as a child of humanity. It doesn’t matter how dark or evil their vibe is, they still are human, which is beautiful. Even people who have are doing wrong, they are just lost souls that are learning on their path.

There is a long way to go, as I plan to continue hardmode for the full 5 years, and after that, hopefully I can make the choice of full Brahmacharya or to move back into a life with a partner.

Just thought I would share my progress this week for fun! Light bless you all! Keep strong and disciplined on your path, no matter what your goal is. Any one of you guys here can achieve your goal and much more, as long as you are passionate enough to want it!

LINK – The world is so beautiful!

by Other Side