It looks like I made it

Here I am. 90 days with no fapping at all. It’s been a wild ride. Ups and downs. Urges and flatlines combined with periods of extreme productivity.

Were the good times worth the bad times? Yes. It turns out that I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all.

The hardest part on my journey was 40-45 days in. I got trolled into a porn site and had a hard time leaving. It took some time before I got back on the right track but eventually I got there. I didn’t relapse because I simply didn’t see it as an option. That mindset helped me A LOT when life was hard and trust me. Life has been hitting me a lot in the head over these past 90 days.

Are the urges still here after 90 days? Yes of course they are. I don’t think they will ever go away. After all a huge sex drive is part of being a young man. I just hope that I’ll be able to keep the urges at bay until I find the right girl for me. I honestly don’t know how long I’ll continue my NoFap journey without a girl. Maybe 90 days more. Maybe a year. It’s hard to say.

My advice to you is this: just do it. It may sound cliche but there is nothing else to it. You either do this or you don’t. Stay strong, push through and don’t accept quitting as a possibility! You might “fail” (I wouldn’t exactly call a single relapse a fail but you know..) from time to time but it is important that you get back up and keep going!

Feel free to ask me anything 🙂


It went something like this: 1-2 weeks: hard, urges but improving discipline. 2-4 weeks: a machine made of self discipline. 4-6: flatline. 6-8 weeks: Tough with bad urges but combined with high amounts of self discipline and productivity. 8 weeks to present day: High productivity combined with low urges.

Didn’t have any problems with [erection] quality before. I have morning wood every morning. About the testosterone.. Well.. It’s really hard to say. Do I feel more masculine? Yeah, but I’m also bigger and stronger than I was three months ago. Could be due to that. I really don’t know. Honestly I don’t remember exactly how I felt before

Overall a better mood and attitude. And a lot more grateful for life in general! 90 days ago I didn’t really look at life as a gift. Not because my life was bad or anything but.. You know.. It just didn’t look at it that way. I do now.

I hit that turning point after almost two years of nofapping and decided to finally reach 90 days for the first time.

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by TestUpDown