I’ve become the guy I used to be – An extrovert

So I made it 90 days now. Ive changed so much as a person. Ive become the guy I used to be a few years ago. I’ve noticed Ive become the more extroverted me. Im energetic, and people laugh at my jokes (and jokes I dont intend on making) and Im also awesome with women again.

For everyone who wants to know I wasnt a fapper for like 10+ years. I used to have periods of time where I would fap like crazy and then times where I’d stop completely for a year or more. Then I would start again. So it wasnt an addiction but more of a way to make up for a lack of time for a real girl and sex. That was back before I knew about this forum.

I got a girl now but because of my living situation Im not able to bang her. So im wondering now that ive gotten past the addiction phase, can I start fapping once in a while? Like once a week or two? Or will this affect my progress. Id really like to know guys since my belief is that fapping is healthy if done moderately (and I was not moderate before).

I know this is going to make a lot of people roll their eyes. I really hated this question too. But i think it has its basis.

LINK – Made it – 90 Days

by RedRain1


EARLIER POST – No Fap has turned me into an extrovert

Before no fap I was pretty introverted. I didn’t want to go out and talk to people even though a side of me wanted to — but couldnt. Im now very outgoing once again in my life. I love talking to new people.

I went to a party where I met a bunch of new people that I could tell really had a blast talking to me.

This party allowed me to realize that I have become not just more outgoing, but more socially aware of my setting, the kind of people I am talking (and therefore allowed me to target my conversation topics and humor accordingly) to and also about what I am saying. Its also made me a lot more quick witted. I used to be able to do this before no fap if I tried but it often came off as awkward, over critical and just plain slow.

Pretty much Ive become a social god and I have no clue how no fap has done this but it has. This is the best reason for someone suffering from an addiction to this to start and stik to no fap. I hope this serves as a (short) motivation for everyone to continue or start their journey.