I’ve made a progress as a human being

Last 90 days of my life brought lots of changes. It all started with a strong resolution to stop fapping for good. For life. First step was to get this famous 100 % mindset. It sums up with ” porn does not exist for yourself, and doing it is not an option “. That made my streak quite easy to accomplish as I didn’t have any very strong urges. What bothered me though was all this emotions coming from breakup with girlfriend, being lonely, having hard times at university, moving back to my parents house.

But during all these days I made a progress as a human being, I work on my social anxiety, I went dating, i did cardio, i lifted, i have read a good book which i recommend to you ( SLIGHT EDGE). I have also written my thesis to get my diploma. I think I became better for people, more positive, meditated a lot at times. Also I have become a real music- head, a meloman, listening to music every day on my hi- fi with real appreciation, which never occurred before to such extent.

Having brought up all this positive aspects, 90 days of hardmode was a struggle against my testicles. I never had a wet dream so I was worrying about my prostate, but one day i just said to myself- it’s probably more natural to nofap for 90 days than to masturbate frantically, and you sir don’t know the meaning of the word : “moderately” so you just don’t touch that jonson.

But still- procrastination and anxiety when i have to plan something is my biggest problem. But there should be always something to work on so I challenge it.

I would like to sincerely thank every single person who have helped me on this never ending journey. I have never been so active on this group before. I guess even when it was procrastination at times, it was still beneficial because of you all. All you who come here to take, give, share and learn. Thank you comrades.

So brothers, now I’m happy to have this opportunity to write from this perspective but i don’t stop, just walk along to a 1 year streak. I hope i’ll celebrate a rocket to my badge on july 21 2016. Stay positive, stay humble and stay STRONG. Love you all !!!!

LINK – Did 90 days again, hard mode for the 1st time.

by bialy_kiel