Keep going! New energy and confidence

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After 2 months of NoFap i can tell you if you re starting now, please take deep breaths and go on, you will have hard fucking days, but if you resist you’ll win. I don t know if it s of no fapping, but my life changed a lot.

Today i wake up at 7.30am with a lot of energy. I’m feeling so confident about myself. I talk with everyone as same, even if you re a old drunk guy or a supermodel. i don’t give a shit no more. I am in control of my life.

I starr to eat healthy food, start to care more about myself, and the world it’s all changing. NoFap make be with tons of energy, and if you can redirect that energy to improve your life man it s amazing. Too much love for you, we are together.

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LINK – 2 Months NoFap

by jcouto13