Last night I had successful sex first time in 5 years.

My penis [was] rendered useless with excessive masturbation and deathgrip. I’ve had a problem with erection for the last 5 years and it had a big impact on my life, to the point where I would deliberately avoid situations that could lead to sex just so I wouldn’t embarrass myself.

Sometimes I would get a weak semi, but it never really worked, the sex was awful, few girls were nagging me etc.. This completely destroyed my self-confidence and self-respect, so I spent my time locked in my room, jacking on weird shit. I became completely anti-social.

Fast forward>>>

I’ve couldn’t do nofap on hardmode for a long, so I limited masturbation to one time per three days. I hoped something down there was getting better, but still didn’t try to initiate sex. Well, until last night. Girl that likes me was spending one night in town, and she invited me to her place. I initially had a mini panic attack and considered to call it off, but eventually I found courage and went there expecting another failure. We ended up having sex 4 times until morning and I couldn’t believe what the fuck is going on. I was in a beast mode, controlling situations and feeling awesome as fuck. My mojo seems to be coming home finally. I mean she even complimented my penis size!

There is still room for improvement, my sensitivity was somewhat low and erection was lost few times, but we got it back using various methods. In the morning I felt really tired, but not drained as is case with masturbation. I’ve felt satisfied, manly and anxiety-free, feelings that I didn’t know for a long, long time.

I just wanted to share this big moment for me with someone, and offer bro fist to this awesome community. Now I have extra motivation to go full hard mode for some time and see where it will get me. Whatever your goal is with nofap, even if you don’t see results immediately, stick with it and stuff will heal eventually. Stay strong brothers. And thank you!

LINK – Last night I’ve had successful sex first time in 5 years.

by improved_me


5 MONTHS EARLIER – I am not good at this.

I’ve known about this sub for about year and half now and my maximum streak is about 11 days couple of months back. If i write a little script to calculate my average streak it would be about two days most. I am not bad looking guy so every now and then I will meet a girl, get flirty and then remember about my PIED and bail the fuck out of there, so girls usually think I’m gay, which affects my self opinion. I’m always tired and my brain often just stops working mid sentence, and I’m often anxious and scared. This addiction is lowering quality of my life, and I’ve seen great improvement during that 11 days streak, after which urge had become unbearable and I relapsed.

I know this all, and yet I was on verge of relapsing couple of minutes before I wrote this post. I made the sentence “To a crippled man walking is superpower” couple of months before, which was very inspiring to some of you, and yet I feel like total failure and imposter on this sub. I just can’t win against myself. What the fuck is wrong with me /nofap?