Late 20s – Sex with my new GF continues to improve exponentially


I tried NoFap because I came to feel certain that porn and jerking of was bad for me. I’m late twenties. I feel much better than I ever have in my life. As I have progressed thru the “reboot,” I’ve begun down the roads of several personal transformations.

Transformation #1

I do not watch porn and I do not smoke cigarettes. When at all possible, I avoid drinking and drugs. I always try for moderation.

This was needed. I’m late twenties. I admire and respect physically healthy human beings. It is not without hard work, but I can ‘live with myself’ much more easily when I feel sexually desirable. As such I workout and try to maintain good posture when I can. Finally, I stretch and work on mobility whenever possible.

By not watching porn, or engaging in it’s unsurprising attendant behaviors, I am driven to seek sexual nourishment from the outside world. In doing so, I ensure healthy engagement with the people around me. I don’t have to “remember to smile,” I just smile.

Transformation #2

I am at the very beginning of a relationship with a sexy and ambitious woman, she is my age. I’m not overly attached (yet) but I like to make her feel special any chance I get. We have gone on many adventure dates together. Our sex has been great from the beginning and continues to improve exponentially.

The core of our relationship is romance. I try to cultivate romantic tension whenever I am with her. I do not lust for her attention, I lust for the awe I see in her eyes when we conclude another active and healthy date that leaves us wrapped in each other’s arms, naked, collapsed in bed. She has responded by trying to be equally romantic towards me, this leaves me feeling valued.

Transformation #3

I’m trying to be kind. To myself, to strangers, to parents, to siblings, to romantic interests. Not masturbating is being kind to my sexuality. Not smoking is kind to my body and mind.

I struggle with ‘mental illness.’ I can unequivocally state that NoFap should constitute at least ‘part’ of any treatment plan (obviously things like exercise, no drugs, sleep, are big parts).

Don’t corrode your sexual identity by being alone with porn and your hands. Leverage your sexual nature in your favor. When you stop pleasuring yourself you become more able to carve pleasures out of your own life.

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By TiredOfBeingAnAddict