Late 40s – DE, ED better in just two weeks


Before: Slow to get hard, sometimes unable to get hard or only able to get semi-hard. Now: Solid hardwood. Before: Sometimes unable to achieve orgasm or keep erection after penetration. Now: geyser. I am so fucking glad I found this place!

[My NoFap] No porn and no masturbation.

[My wife] just seemed blissed out and maybe a bit surprised. This was first time sex since starting nofap, and I honestly just feel like it was the best sex in years. After PMO, I felt relaxed but ashamed. After sex, just relaxed. I did orgasm pretty quickly, but I always start by getting her off first orally, so I didn’t worry about it. No round two. I’m old.LOL

I didn’t get internet porn till I was in my twenties.

I never had trouble lasting. If anything, the problem was I couldn’t get off at all before.

LINK – sex with wife two weeks into nofap compared to two weeks before nofap

By sacredcowboy