Less Anxiety, Greater creativity & focus, Better eye contact, Being funny, and more

I can’t say that your gonna become superman but I think it’s much better than being that lazy/annoying/socially uncalibrated / anxious/nervous 24/7 Guy .

Benefits that I’ve experienced over these months :

  • Being able to really Do stuff /challenges without getting bored (I was practicing guitar for 3 hours over these last 4/5 months everyday and I never missed a day )
  • I Am Very Very Aware of my Emotional state (every second) even if something bad happens, I never go down into a state of depression, I am able to Hold at least a Normal/calm State of being .
  • Less Anxiety, More Creativity, More Focus, Eye Contact, Being Funny.
  • In any social situation I’m able to make the person who I’m with, happy and having a good time , really grateful for my presence around them/him/her
  • Being able to find the Words and construct a decent logical sentence (LoL), I mean you find the right words at the right moment when you want them to come out haha .
  • Ability to connect with others and with yourself on a higher state of Consciousness , (ability to think outside the box and understand things better/faster)
  • (Social calibration)feeling how Others are feeling around you (awareness of how your influencing others /positively/negatively )
  • Ability to Take Risks and Keep up with social pressure/physical pressure

Things that Helped me stay up all the way here without pmo :

  • Being very busy
  • Having something you really care about Achieving (studying for example)
  • passions hobbies (guitar-exercising-reading books)

These two are the best that worked for me :

  • ==Relating Fear with you Goals :(on the topic of studying) : you say to yourself that if you PMO you will get lazy–>not confident to socialise with your mates or be funny—> Unable to study or succeed this year at school ->> unable to make eye contact —>Unable to speak to girls etc –> concentrate
  • ==(the time you spend on your pc/tab etc) : when spending a lot of time on the net especially in the weekend, I feel like after 2/3 hours on the net my mind starts Pinging with lustful thoughts, I’m still in control but the tendency to watch ”Stuff” rises, I try to stay away from my PC (maybe even a Glimpse advertising with bikinis and shit influence your subconscious in an indirect way that by the time you think that your gonna be fine but you’re Not I assure you , ) Sometimes i use my computer for a long period of times and nothing really pops up , be aware of what is getting into your head, maybe your reading an article about fishing and below the article there are playboy advertisement or something .


I think it really depends on how your Using your time, keep track of your time, I’d say every minute, life passe’s fast so don’t waste it on crap, it’s been a while since I logged in here (3 months or more I guess ) so yeah that’s about it I guess, (sorry for bad English or faults) peace .

LINK – 185 Days, Tips And trick that Helps

by Razielcreed