Less anxiety, more focus, more energy. Social interactions are much more fluid. Less reactive in general to people/events


Here are some of the things I have noticed undergoing throughout this streak. No porn, no orgasm, no sex. And you will notice they are strangely similar to what you already might have read online, HOWEVER, they are LARGELY exaggerated on forums and will feel different IRL as when you read about them.

  • More self-control
  • Less reactive in general to people/events. Much more level-headed but more aggressive at the same time, its hard to explain.
  • More attention from women, the typical that you might have already read online. Glances, some will turn around and look at you, lip biting, more compliments.
  • People in general react more to your presence. Some guys will perceive your presence as a threat to their social status and will try to dominate.
  • Less anxiety, more focus, more energy. However these fluctuate
  • Random spikes of dopamine, what people call “superpowers”, feels like your high on coke
  • Sometimes it feels like the world is a magical place, as if you were a little kid again, the next moment everything is gloomy and you don’t care at all. People still treat you differently tho, even though you might be in a bad vibe. Mood fluctuates randomly between Flatline/superpowers. I know earlier I said you become less reactive to people/situations and more level headed, it’s weird I dunno how to explain it
  • My piss is foamy. And I get a wet dream approx every week.
  • random burst of extra libido. Can get super horny and it’s hard to control not looking at porn or master bating, if you cannot get your hands on a female immediately.
  • Strength and muscle mass increased. Not by much and definitely nothing comparable to exogenous test.
  • More sensitive to energy from people and surrounding. Can sort of intuitively pick up vibes, easier to read people and see through bs
  • Intense dreams.. Sometimes wake up multiple times at night from a fucked up dream
  • Social interactions go much more fluid and I find it easier to manipulate people
  • Get random burst of mental activity. Sometimes hard to fall asleep, thinking too much
  • Bigger need to socialize. Sometimes will feel depress if by myself or not communicating with people

Overall guys, I am very happy with my decision to stop watching porn.

Can’t recall everything in one shot, I will add what comes to mind later..

LINK – 135 days Hardmode AMA

by ChocoLoko_

UPDATE – 330 Days HardMode Completed!

One more month guys, and I will be at a a whole year. Started my streak on july 18th , 2016 !!!

If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them .