Less social anxiety, Enjoy small talk, Easier to embrace conflict and challenges


First of all, I find these kinds of posts motivating and inspiring. It affirms that what I’m doing is good for me and for a lot of men and women out there. Secondly, I’m currently on my longest streak for 2016. I signed up for a standard reboot and I’m going strong! Lastly, as for the benefits that I see, I find myself:

  1. Having less social anxiety and not finding it difficult to make and maintain eye contact. In a degree, people also somehow welcome me easier.
  2. I find it easier to embrace conflict and challenges. I work in a stressful field and it seems like I am less flustered when I’m meeting challenges. I actually embrace them! For example, I’m supposed to go on a date today but my date flaked out on me. I would have been downtrodden and lethargic the whole day but I seem to almost get this abundance attitude about women now.
  3. I collect fragrances and I’ve been actually noticing newer notes on the fragrances that I own. I can smell fragrances in a deeper sense.
  4. I find small talk enjoyable. I really used to hate small talk and now I enjoy sharing small stories with people I just meet randomly.
  5. I feel stronger in the gym. I’m actually trying to lose a bit of weight and it seems like I’m maintaining my strength well despite being in a caloric deficit!

These are just the few that are very noteworthy on my end. I know a lot of people would argue that some of these might be placebo effects but I really don’t care. The decision I made and continuing to pursue is creating changes in me that I’ve wanted to have for a long time.

Some people may also bash this community but I think sharing your experiences with like-minded people and supporting each other in this endeavor is great.

Stay strong brothers and sisters! Have a great weekend and thank you for all of your help in this journey of mine!

LINK – Benefits of NoFap in my perspective

by LongTooth25