Life is so much better without that junk

My Top 10 Factor’s that really helped me get past 90 days:

  1. Install a web filter/website blocker (I chose CovenantEyes)
  2. Be accountable (someone in real life) that you can’t talk with and walk with in this battle
  3. Delete all Porn substances from Phone, PC etc.
  4. If you need to, downgrade your phone for awhile if your too tempted (I did this for 8 months)
  5. Keep any technology in a public space (lounge room) otherwise you might be too tempted in your room, all alone.
  6. Know your enemy – write out a history when PMO all started for you (high school etc.) and see the trend (when and where you fall into PMO and why do I do it? Feeling lonely? Tired? Bored? Study exams are on so I want to procrastinate? Whatever.
  7. Know that the pleasure you experience for a short while is not worth the feelings of pain, defeat, shame, guilt and embarrassment that follows. Weigh up the true cost before you go down that road of PMO.
  8. Research this topic on PMO, find websites, blogs, videos – get to understand the mind and behaviors of humans in this area, addictions and the negative affect’s of Porn on the mind and life.
  9. Don’t make empty promises saying “today is the last time ever” because you are under construction and we are all on a journey, be real with yourself and just keep it simple.
  10. Don’t be fooled, don’t try and hold onto PMO – or girls names or scenes you still want to watch. We’re all tempted, but if you hold onto Porn, it will keep coming back and biting you as much as you may want it at first, it will repulse you after. Don’t be tricked.

And if you’re anything like me, full of excuses, just remember that your not alone and that your not the only one in the world struggling with this or trying to overcome.

You can do it. It is possible to change. If I could do it, you can too. And no it wasn’t easy. But a life free of PMO, as tasty as it can be in the moment, is not worth it and the benefits are so much better without that junk.

Goodluck to you all and I hope atleast one person got to read this and feels empowered and enabled to keep changing their life.


by Kubienski