Lost weight, more respect and confidence, feeling emotions, no longer afraid of girls


After 1 year of nofap…changes I’ve got are as follows: Increased female attention (girls said they would shag me, one girl invited me to her house for sex) Confidence, extreme happiness, More clever, more decisive, not taking shit from anyone,

Excellent social skills, less prone to anger, no depression anymore, faster learning, positive thoughts, weight loss (I lost 25 KGS with nofap I swear) feeling whole again, feeling emotions, add cured, bigger muscles, more strength,

men respected me more, more friends wanted to hang out. Cured my fear for girls.

This is the benefits I got. Try not touching yourself like a 14 years old…will do wonders for your life.

Longest streak: 54 days

LINK – What NOFAP did for me! Made me a believer!

By ZuptaRepublic