Lots of energy, wake up easily, stronger, insane eye contact, more confidence

Before i get started i just want to say that this community has helped me so much and I can’t thank you guys enough, now onto the good stuff. The Story summed up: I was a porn addict. Most people are nowadays and they just don’t know it.

Every day i would open up new tabs hoping that a new video had come out for me to watch, this was daily routine, i never saw this as abnormal because all my friends where doing it. Until one day i came to the realization that if i had watched something for the first time, it would be great, but then watching the same thing the next day was never the same, it was never arousing like before, so i would move onto another video, another category.

I came across Yourbrainonporn.com and read up on porn addiction, of course i was shocked and i wanted to vomit, and this is where my big journey started, my first streak was 21 days, during these 21 days i was exercising more, eating better, and all that good stuff, it just felt great to be, well me. But then i thought, “why not look at one video”? I’ll never forget the dopamine rush i got from opening up that website again, to the point where it actually hurt my head, no i didn’t fap but i felt guilty and reset the counter, fast forwards one hundred days and here i am.

The Positives: In this time I’ve made friends with people i would never think of talking to, but it turns out those people i never talked to were actually really cool.

-I have a lot of energy

-I can wake up early in the morning without wanting to sleep again

-I got a strength boost

-Eye contact is now insane

-I never look at the ground anymore, it doesn’t even cross my mind, keep your head up high.

-Confidence is better

-Ability to talk to random people, And so much more

Negatives: I get very angry very easily, even the slightest thing will tick me off, some people may see this as a good thing but i don’t.

Will i return to MO and leave out P? I have no idea, i’ll definitely leave P out of my life. What was once a part of me isn’t anymore, as for MO, that’s still a choice i have to make, but i feel as if quitting P was a big factor in my journey.

What was the hardest day/week? First week

Did you ever fall into a flatline? Yes, actually in the first week, it took about 11 days for me to get over it.

How do you overcome sexual thoughts? Just push it out of your head, you know why you got to where you where in the first place, so why are you thinking about it? Go for a run, push ups, something that doesn’t remind you of P or MO.

Maybe i might experiment with some MO see what happens, but i know that even if i do relapse i’ll still have all the benefits that I’ve gained from this journey. It just feels like it’s more about the days now than it is improving myself, so i might reset the counter, we’ll see, i never meant for it to be about the days but it happened.

Just remember, it’s never about the days, it’s what you get done in those days. People seem to have the understanding that just because you reach 90+ days you instantly become superman. That’s not the case, just because you don’t fap doesn’t mean you’re going to get superpowers. Nofap just gives the motivation for you to go do something else, better yourself, so go do something productive.

If you guys have any more questions ask me below, again thank you for changing my life.

LINK – 100 day report



by BuffinMutton