Married – Lower anxiety, clearer head, more energy, depression lifted, better relationship with wife

I’m just an average guy, like all of you. If I can do this and succeed…you can, too. I know it. Just wanted to share what I posted in my journal in celebration of 90 days:

A few words of advice as I look back over 90 days: Stay the course. Look to each other. Flee from the triggers. Find some good alternative activities. Implement a serious exercise program. Look to a spiritual center for focus and strength. Journal your progress and challenges. Read a few other journals for inspiration and strength. Make a couple of good friends for accountability and support. Apply the “wife test.” Do some kind of meditation/yoga. These are a few of my practices that helped me get here.

Some results after 90 days:

  • Calm.
  • Peace.
  • Lower anxiety levels.
  • No guilt around my wife.
  • No feelings of unworthiness around coworkers, family, and friends.
  • Stronger physically.
  • Improved workouts…stamina and strength.
  • More energy.
  • Ongoing, low-grade depression has lifted.
  • Creativity has returned.
  • Head is clearer.
  • More confident and upbeat around others.
  • Better “interactions” with my wife.
  • Better ability to connect emotionally with my wife.
  • More affectionate moments with my wife.
  • More full nights of sleep…better rested. Can get up earlier with energy for the day ahead.
  • Overall more hopeful.
  • More inner strength to face challenges…instead of running toward PMO as my escape.
  • Spiritually renewed.
  • Don’t feel like I’m always hiding something.
  • Don’t need to be in fear of discovery all the time.
  • Feel more worthy before God…forgiveness.
  • Breaking free from dopamine (I say “breaking free” because I think that it still has somewhat of a hold…and I need to continue to shake its grip)

I may add more from time to time. However, this list is a good start of what I am experiencing as I break free from P and get my brain rewired/rebooted/renewed!
May you have the same results to celebrate and share!

Thank you all, once again. The community truly contributes to the success of the process. So, my victory is a shared victory! I’ve tried many times alone and never gotten this far!
I have reset the counter and added another 90 days. I do that with mixed emotions. I kind of liked seeing that big check mark on there. But, at the same time, it is nice to see the next 90 and move ahead knowing that it is possible…and with your support, I will make it!

LINK – Jim2015’s 90 Day Update

by Jim2015