Mental clarity, ability to express my views, confidence all up


Time has literally zoomed by! I still shocked I managed to reach this many days. I felt like I was the worst case (3 times a day for many many years!). Had my first taste of benefits on my 38 day streak which I blew and couldn’t get myself together for a month of daily binging. I missed having the mental clarity.

I will list benefits and negatives I’ve experienced


-Mental clarity! this alone has changed my life I’m now able to focus further ahead and start building a solid future for myself. Memory has improved, speech has improved able to get my views across clearly.

  • Confidence this one is a big one I’m in my early 20s so this discovery came at the right time. I’m so much more confident I surprise myself sometimes.

  • Energy You get this desire this energy to want to do good things obviously I still procrastinate from time to time but thats gone down 60%.

  • Deep emotions – I feel a lot more human I’m able to cry now haha. This also has a negative side to this.

  • No fucks given attitude I used to be so timid now I just have a go for it attitude whats the worst that can happen?


  • Emotions – When alone I feel very lonely. I’m a lot more angry than I used to be.

  • Horniness – Sometimes this can be unbearable and very distracting.

  • No fucks given attitude – I sometimes say what I’m really feeling and this has offended people.

  • Distraction during the first 2 weeks of this journey all I could think about was NOFap eventually it just becomes part of your life but you have to keep your guard up.

There is probably more that I’ve missed but If I can inspire atleast one person to try this then thats my work complete!

Its truly mind blowing that this has not been picked up sooner.

Thanks to all the messages here I come here to read peoples experiences and its great to know we all share the same goal and there is very supporting community feel about NoFap.


LINK – 60 day report!

by worstbehavior92