Mental fog gone, retaining more at school

I didn’t start a counter when I first started, but I can confirm that I’ve been PMO-free for at least 50 days. (Hard/Monk Mode)

My head has been a lot clearer lately – I’ve been able to think and focus better than before. I also noticed that I retain more of what is taught in lectures at school nowadays. The main advantage of abstinence from PMO, for me, has been the dissipation of this “mental fog” that was present before.

Additionally, I’ve been more comfortable with myself lately and have overall felt less stress/anxiety. I wonder whether frequent PMO somehow changes serotonin levels. (can a life sciences specialist confirm?)

For whatever reason, waking up early has become easier since I started NoFap. I’ve been getting up quite regularly at 6:30, which is very early for someone like me, who’s typically a night-owl.

I think I may still be in a bit of a flatline, as I haven’t had any urges since the first couple weeks. I’ve generally tried to suppress any sexual thoughts as a part of my reboot process, as my goal is to “reset” my warped perception of intimacy. This method seems to have been effective in preventing urges.

Anyway, those are some of my observations so far. Perhaps some of them can be attributed to confirmation bias, but hey, what matters is that I’m feeling an improvement.

I plan to keep this sort of “monk mode” thing going for quite a while, as it’s been quite successful so far. Anyway, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Keep fighting, you guys – it’s every bit worth it. Break free from the grasp of addiction!

LINK – ~50 Day Check-In: My observations

By Bednesti