Mild PIED gone, I’m pornfree


Today is my 80th day on my current streak, and it is by far the longest I’ve ever gone without porn since I first started watching it. And it has gotten much easier. To be completely honest, I don’t typically get huge urges anymore.

I mean, sometimes I’ll get an urge, and I’ll type up something in my YouTube or internet search bar, but I have always had the strength to not click “search.” I don’t think about abstaining from porn anymore, I just do it. It just happens because I have cut it out of my life.

I plan on keeping this streak forever, and ever since I made that commitment, it has gotten much better. I feel like I had a mild case of PIED, and from what I can tell, that is gone. I typically don’t masturbate by myself, because I don’t really feel the need to. So far I’m feeling great about pornfree, and I hope you guys are feeling great too.

LINK – Day 80: Checking in after a while

By Musix124