Mind clearer, More motivation, I’m just generally happier all the time

So I finally did it.  For years I’ve been trying to give up, failing so many times. I even became depressed due to my addiction but also because of the fact I couldn’t stop. But now, I am victorious!

I honestly haven’t had many urges since around day 30 so that was a bit weird but it did help.

The biggest change I have noticed is that I’m not ashamed of myself anymore. I used to not be able to look into the mirror but now I can and I can smile. My mind has been so much clearer and I have had the motivation to actually go and do stuff rather than sit and play video games all day. I am a much more positive person now and I’m just generally happier all the time.

I don’t have many tips to give but I can say music really helped me when I was going through strong urges. I’m a metal head so most of the songs I used probably wouldn’t be as effective for most people so I’ll share one kind of popular song that really helped me. learn to fly by the Foo Fighters really helped me stay strong. I guess you could say that through nofap I have learnt to fly again (corny, I know).

Thats all I really wanted to say for now. Thank you to the whole nofap community for your wise and motivational posts.

And to anyone who is just starting nofap or keeps relapsing, I know you’ve heard it before, but you can actually do it it took me years of failure and giving up, but I’m finally here. If I can do it you can! Once again thank you all.

LINK – 90 days!

by Nicsta18