More connected with my partner during sex


I will keep this as short as possible;

  • I was told the flatlining (mainly the loss of libido) would end around 60 days and now I can confirm this! One thing to note, is that during actual sex, you’ll feel less ‘in your own head’, and there is more of a connection with your partner.
  • It gets easier, but every day remains a struggle. However, after these two months, I find it easier to distinguish between ‘I want porn to get a temporary dopamine rush and feel better’ and ‘I’m horny and would prefer to have sex, but since that is not an option at the moment (alone at home for a long time for example) I want to do it by myself. Over time the reason for the craving for masturbation has shifted from the first to the second. Since I am in a healthy relationship, it makes it easier to say no to the cravings of the second kind, since I know that when my gf comes home, she’ll make that feeling go away (if you know what i mean 😉 )
  • To everyone going through the flatlining phase while being in a relationship: Be open about it! My GF was very understanding, especially since she knew how hard it was to quit, so don’t be all secretive about it, just go for it!
  • Finally my days are my reward. Ever since I was clean for over 30 days, I did not want to quit anymore, since that would make the number go back to zero. This has been a real help and while the struggle doesn’t go away, it does get easier.

Hang on guys, and keep your hands above the blankets!

LINK – Personal Experiences after 60 days

By Luneux