More energy, & confidence, Better sleep, Standing straighter/smile more, Look at girls differently

49 days ago I registered this account and said to myself: Stop messing around with the small streaks and let’s do this!

Reading /r/nofap was really motivational and it triggered a flatline within a few days which actually easily helped me through the first 2 weeks! Also, I keep reminding me: I’ve stopped! This is not an experiment, this is not something I just want to try. I’ve stopped!

I’ve also tried to stop drinking coffee, start taking cold showers and working out at home. Within a few days my body decided I was doing too much at the same time (I randomly fainted), so now I just keep myself at nofap, working out and ending my showers cold. I’ll do the caffeine next month again :). A bit of a reminder for the rest of us: Your body will experience stuff it may never did before. Be careful and pay attention to the signals!

Noticeable benefits:

  • Standing and walking more straight, less staring at the ground and more smiling.
  • Less acne
  • A co-worker said to me last Friday that he and others notice I’ve been more present, approachable and communicating with others. He doesn’t know about me doing nofap and I didn’t asked anything. He just randomly said it.
  • A few days ago there was a post here with someone saying people touched him more often (at shoulders and such). I laughed and believed that people in this country won’t do that anyway. Since then I’ve had 3 different female co-workers putting their hand on my back/shoulder when talking.
  • More energy (well after I resumed the coffee) and motivation. I thought about quitting my job since it really got boring. I’ve used some of my free time to work on a document/design describing a program which will be useful for the company to have. It is now turned into a project and I’m leading it. Co-workers are impressed and I get to do something I love to do, still at the same company.
  • More time: I started following some 3d modeling courses online (I had some experience, but making something pretty? that was impossible, or so I thought). Seeing a friend of mine standing as an Indie developer at E3 on stage (2 years after making a first game) did motivate me even more. Also: If there are other people here starting with making games, send me a message if you want to join up 🙂
  • A girl walked past me the other week, looked me in the eye and smiled. That was a new experience for me
  • Better sleep. I did had some ‘sexual themed dreams’, but within my dream I remembered I’m doing nofap. They didn’t turn into wet dreams 🙂

I don’t really seem to ‘feel’ a lot of the benefits, but I notice them by new stuff happening. I also start to look different at girls. The hot days are still difficult as girls here love to wear less clothes, but I actually look at the faces of girls more often now, even if they look back :). Also: The mega motivational horny feeling you get after a few weeks aren’t the super powers. They are strong and they do push you out to do stuff and see people, but still as sex objects. The super powers are the changes others will notice about you and all the things you did you didn’t do before.

This week my GF will be visiting me for the first time since I’ve started. I’m curious on the changes on that area. Of course I won’t last long at start so I have to be creative. But I feel like I want to cuddle and pleasure her more than getting pleasured. My only worry is that some of the benefits will disappear after doing it too often, but we will see.

My tips for others: – Commit! You’ve stopped. This is not a temporarily experiment. – Install a porn filter/Edit hosts file, and preferably only use your computer in front of an open window (where others see you). This will help you break your automatic habit and give you time to rethink. – Don’t pay too much attention to ‘super powers’. You don’t want your motivation to be destroyed just because they come differently than you expected. – Be careful doing too many things at once. Your body will have to adjust to your new lifestyle. – Remember: Even with all the urges, You’re still the one in control.

Thank you all for reading and believing in me! 49 Days are just the start, the urges are still there but I won’t give in. The badge on here is actually damn motivating as well even with this second account. I’ll write more whenever I feel like there is some interesting and motivational experiences to write about.

Note: This is all from a person with anxiety problems: I don’t feel like I’ve pushed myself over my limits at any point. It all went easily.

LINK – 49 day report with benefits and tips

by IShallNotTouch


INITIAL POST – My experiences the last 2 years and a new start

Hi all! I’ve been trying this challenge for already 2 years after seeing a TED talk video about this challenge. I’ve had great periods with more than a month on the counter, and on other weeks I’ll only last a few days. This is truly a hard challenge.

Most of the time I’ll feel all the benefits, most kick in after a week already. I’m way more social, I’ve got way more energy and I suddenly really enjoy walking outside talking to people and doing stuff. It is absolutely great!

But sometimes, after a while.. A bad day kicks in. Sitting alone behind my computer and I’ll just get irritated by stuff. All of the benefits above seems to be gone and my mind somehow convinces me it is not bad to take a look at some facebook photos.. and music videos.. and nsfw photos on random sites.. and photos on adult sites and somehow I end up on some porn site with videos which seem like 1000 times more special than ever before. From there everything goes almost automatic and then I realize I’ve just lost my days worth of getting better.

By joining you guys, I hope to have a place to go to whenever I’m doubting, to convince myself again that it is all for a good reason. The flair will probably help as well (I was already keeping record but something public visible is new). I’ve also blocked all sites I could think off with adult content and removed the curtains of my PC room so I can’t whop my friend out whenever I feel like it. This will be the time and 3 may 2015 is the last SOLO day. I’ve already overcome a (small) addiction with alcohol, now Porn+Fapping and next on the list: Caffeine. I’m mostly doing this for the social benefits. Also I have a GF which I only see once every 2 months (LDR) and I want to give her a good experience in bed (The difference in performance is huge if I watched porn recently or not).

Please be kind to me and let our flair raises to the moon! Cheers