More energy, more time, etc – and I got the girl

A lot has changed in my life during this challenge, whether it be directly correlated to noFap or not, I am glad that i’m in a better state now. Besides the general noFap benefits such as energy, more time, etc- I was finally able to get the girl that I have crushed on for over a year now!

She is amazing and we have been sexually active now for the past 2 months. However, I don’t usually last that long in bed because when we do have sex my balls is always filled and I climax too early.

Today I am planning to MO once, without the use of P just to see if I can use MO without P to practice, and improve my time in bed. In the end this is just an experiment, if it works-great if not-then back to noFap.

I do expect to be down voted- but this is my choice, unless someone can convince me otherwise in the next 30 minutes. Thanks in advance.

LINK – Saying Goodbye to my Streak!

by urdon3



Before noFap

  • half-assed everything, didn’t do well in school, played videogames all day, pmo 5-9 times a week.
  • dumped by my gf. After she cheated on me.
  • lost my self respect.
  • no friends because I spent all my time with my gf. I felt lonely as fuck.
  • lost my only job that I didn’t even like because I couldn’t get myself to even show up for my shifts.
  • lost all confidence in myself.
  • felt like I wasn’t good enough for anyone/to do anything.
  • became lazy as fuck because I felt worthless and I was afraid to leave my comfort zone.
  • developed new addictions to cover my sadness(partying w/ drug’s, alcohol, smoking)
  • binged Masturbation/Porn so much more because I was lonely, felt like I wasn’t good enough for anyone, and it was my escape from reality.
  • many night’s of alcohol,drugs,smoking then coming home to Masturbate to Porn 2-3 times a day left my brain FRIED.
  • developed panic attacks, severe anxiety, depression leading to suicidal thought’s

I was already on the edge, brain fogged, anxiety to the max, and hopeless about life.

After noFap

  • noFap became my first life goal that lead toward self improvement
  • first 2 weeks I began experiencing all the effects that were mentioned. placebo or not it did its job and motivated me
  • first 30 days of noFap I was able to find a new job
  • developed a new hobby: long distance running
  • QUIT smoking, because I needed healthy lungs for my new hobby
  • after day 100 I found a second job, and for the first 2 month’s I was working 2 jobs
  • I didn’t have time to go parties anymore because of my busy lifestyle and quitting drugs/alcohol was very easy
  • my new lifestyle changed me mentally/physically
  • I gained the confidence to make a move on this girl that I had a crush on and I’m happy to say that we have now been dating for over a year

It’s crazy to me how far I’ve come from 2 years ago when I first stumbled noFap. I’ve had many streaks and this is by far my longest streak. 2 years later I now have a girlfriend, a job, and generally a life that I’m happy with. I just wanted to share with you guys in hopes that it motivates somebody.

LINK – I used to blame my depression from my EX bc she cheated on me, now I look back and I’m glad everything that happened, happened.