More social, confident & naturally aggressive, brain fog gone, greater clarity & insight, improved mood

Been doing NoFap since six months ago, what I have experienced so far is described below:


  • eye field of vision turn to normal
  • clearer state of mind, mental clarity
  • brain fog lifted
  • creativity is present
  • insight is present
  • socially inclined
  • desire to do stuff
  • more increase in confidence
  • unapologetic and naturally aggressive
  • better sleep/mood
  • increased awareness in surroundings

And not to forget…Cons

  • can be too HORNY
  • relaxed (overconfident) at times
  • more energy,
  • may find it hard to resist HORNY
  • strong urge to edge/fap time pass slowly (need keep self busy) HORNY

Current record: 9 days next milestone: 21 days


by mshxfi