More social, Little to no brain fog, Greater confidence, Make more connections with females

This is by far the longest streak I have been on. I don’t normally post but I figured this was a special occasion. Some things I have noticed are:

  • Little to no brain fog
  • Much increased confidence
  • Make more connections with females
  • No longer do things just to get people to like me, I act more myself and care less if certain people don’t like me
  • I worked out a lot before this streak so that hasn’t changed (More motivated recently though)
  • I smoke weed less often (I feel out of touch and feel like I don’t hold good conversations while high)
  • More social, I start conversations with other people instead of waiting for people to talk to me.

These are just some small changes I have noticed.

LINK – 30 days complete!

by Tehawrex