Motivation and Willpower, Music feels amazing!

Its the 4th time I’ve reached 30 days in less than a year, when before I struggled to do even 1 month. I know the badge doesn’t say it, but I’m here. So, enough of that, what about the superpowers and all the women I got?

…well sorry about that, you’re not going to get it here. What did I notice an improvement in though?

-Speech: I’m not easily stumbled in my speech anymore.

-Confidence: Better at talking to people in general, and women too.

-Happiness: I’m much more positive about things, and I don’t feel guilty about you-know-what every day.

-Music feels amazing!

-Work ethic: Its a little better, not a massive difference though. Doing my final bits on my masters thesis, so thats why I’ve been inactive…

Motivation and Willpower: Able to say no, and just get on with things. Helped out with my exercise too 🙂

I feel better in general. A girl I used to go out with has got a house with her boyfriend recently, moving on in life. I used to feel negative about people moving on if life before me, and I felt left behind; guilty. We all know what hellish pit that led to. But now, I’m indifferent. I’m happy for her. Even congratulated her. My life isn’t the same, and it will go in a different direction. And I’m happy for it.

This time I will handle the porn in my brain and crush it. I know there will be hard moments, but I just have to push through. In these 30 days, I’ve shown I can do it. I am the 1%. I am lucky to be born where I am, and have the love of my family, and I have a good background. I have everything going for me. I can’t let Porn blindside me into wasting an opportunity in life someone else would crave for. I’m starting the search for full time employment in a couple of weeks, and new page in my life. I have to utilise it and become a better man.

This is not a streak. This is my life.

LINK – 30 Days – Feeling Positive

by Fightback20