Much better confidence, patience, memory. Less fear & anxiety. All apsects of health improved.

Today is day 217. It has been so fast. It seems I just started this journey yesterday. I started practicing premature sex at around 8 years old. At around 11 years, I started heavy M&O.

No day or week passed without M&O. I did it 2-3 times a day. When I look back into my past Life, I remember how I used to Very bright in Academics. Plus I used to be extremely good in mathematics. It was at 11-12 years that my brain started to get weak and weaker each day. Suddenly, mathematics started being so hard. The other subjects also started being hard. I could rarely do a simple sum or understand a sentence. Anxiety and fear overwhelmed me.

This storm of M&O was fueled by the Introduction to High speed Internet porn. It was at this time that I officially started PMO. I can’t really explain how my life crashed. I lost my reputation. I became shy. I started being weird especially around girls. I lost my confidence, self-esteem, My sharp mind, My good looks and so much more. I lost hope in life.

One fine morning, I got into YouTube and found a Video titled “Why you should stop masturbation”. This is the Video that changed my life. In the video, I knew about testosterone and how it plays an important role in a man’s body. I quit M&O completely for 30 days and the outcomes were astonishing. My self-confidence started coming back.

I knew about Nofap 30 days later which quickly landed me here. I have since quitted PMO for Seven months. I really can’t explain how my life has changed. This are my results:

  • More Confidence
  • Less anxiety and fear
  • More patience and calmness
  • More hair growth
  • Sharp mind and memory
  • More masculine than ever in my life
  • Things are more fulfilling
  • My good looks are coming back
  • Girls notice me a lot nowadays
  • Generally, my health Physically, Mentally and Emotionally has greatly Improved.

I sometimes think that this is a dream because for sure, considering where I started It has been a milestone.

Finally, I want to thank all the fapstronaunts for your priceless support and motivation even in the hardest times. Indeed, Loss of semen brings death and gain of semen bring life. I was a chronic PMO addict and if I reached here than anyone else can reach here. Good luck everyone in your Journey to greatness and fulfillment.


by programer1