Much less anxiety, Feel better socially in school, Less brain fog

Thing that have changed

  • I feel less brain fog, I can now win consistently over my dad in chess, where i usually lost before to stupid mistakes caused by a foggy mind
  • I play Hockey and have been improving drastically over the last month, not sure if nofap related
  • Feel better socially in school
  • Much less anxiety

Things that haven’t changed:

  • I procrastinate more than I have ever done in my life
  • Still some social anxiety
  • Still urges, not that much tho


I feel like I can go on for as long as I want to, the things keeping me going is a girl I like and the fact that nofap might make be perform better in hockey, but the biggest reason is the fact that I don’t want to lose my streak. But I honestly think that if I have a week where I see no benefits at hockey and in school I will relapse, not sure tho. The thought of going from 55+ to 0 in 10 minutes stops me every time

LINK – Day 55 report

by Table_tennis_ball