Much more confident, Feeling like an alpha male, look at women differently

After about two years of trying and always giving up after a week or two, I finally achieved this great milestone. My previous highest day was day 15. But after finding /r/NoFap, I found so much support and so many great posts that gave me the motivation to change my lifestyle.

How I did it:

  • The gym every morning

    Every morning I would wake up, eat something, and then go to the gym no matter what. It was very important that I would not skip a day, even if I was too tired or didn’t have much time, I’d still get in a run or workout. This made me use up the energy so that I wouldn’t feel like fapping or anything. As well as it gave me a solid workout routine and helped me feel great throughout every day.

  • Blocking all porn sites

    I made sure I was not tempted by anything

  • Checking /r/NoFap

    Especially when I felt like relapsing, other people’s posts gave me motivation to not PMO.

  • Keeping busy

    Whenever I felt like relapsing, I would straight up just do something productive to keep me busy. You may feel like relapsing for a moment, but once you do something else, that feeling goes away.

  • Stay with friends, family, or loved one.

    I would always make sure I was with people around, especially my friends or my girlfriend. Especially the second half of the day, I would always spend time with someone so that I would not feel tempted to fap.

  • No matter what, no touching or looking!

    A huge factor to Nofap is definitely not to edge at all and not to look at porn or tempting images(NSFW).

I did this for 30 days straight, some days were much more difficult to handle than others. I’d say around day 11-17 were for me. But it felt so good to know that I was overcoming my weaknesses. That I was becoming a stronger person, a person who will be productive and be a better person, someone of high value.


  • Feeling much more confident

    With my friends, family, girlfriend, and really all people, I felt so much more confident. The way I walked became different, going up to shake people’s hands and looking them in the eye without a bit of resistance at all, and feeling like someone with a purpose made it worth it.

  • Feeling like an alpha male

    I became much more confident with my girlfriend and made everything clear of what I wanted, such as much more intimacy and making it clear of what I did not like.

  • Looking at women differently

    I stopped looking at women for their body and more as people.

  • I become much more assertive

    In my mind, I felt someone who’s time is valuable and will not settle for people who make me feel worse, because they are not worth my time.

  • Having so much more time

    So much time to spend with loved ones and on things that are actually productive.

Overall this challenge has made me a stronger person and much more focused on being a better me. I’d like to see how I have changed now that I’ve gotten past day 30 and how my lifestyle has improved. I won’t allow myself to go the way I was before, but I will occasionally masturbate after today. I can finally overcome the urges and will still carry on the same routine, it’s no longer something I have to do. I would go onto day 90, but I’ll save that glorious achievement for another day.

LINK – Finally made it to day 30! How I did it and benefits

by AnEndlessDream