Much more decisive, self-aware, and in touch with my feelings, Calmer, Far greater motivation, Better erections


Today is my 90 days streak and the end of one hell of a journey. I will try not to make another super long post about all the great and devastating moments during it, since there are quite a lot of them already and even tho every person have their reboot different, it is always in more-or-less same pattern. What I can say to avoid it all is that it was hard as fck and it took me at about 6 tries. My worst relapse was to 50+ days and I felt like I’m not more than a sht stain on the wall, but I cut my loses and after several depressing days I got back on my feet. Let’s get to the benefits:

1) I am much more decisive:

At work, in social interactions, at home with my GF. Sometimes when people are talking to me, I can understand them very well, and I have a feeling that I can “see behind the corner” of what they are talking about. I realize, that I am thinking about things related to what they are talking about at the same time and I am able to make quick and “truthful” judgments about the problem, that are bringing solutions. My mind is like 101%

2) I am much more calm:

This is hard to explain in written words. It’s like I am standing on the top of the mountain with world beneath me. My mind is breathing fresh wind slowly and deeply and my stoic attitude, after complex study on the subject, is bringing the right results in

3) I am much more self-aware and in touch with my feelings

During my reboot I started crying when I was leading conversation with two women co-workers for no reason. The burst of emotions was so strong, that one of them started crying as well, and the other one went to the bathroom. We were laughing at it afterwards and I can feel now that they are really attached to me emotionally. Emotions calmed down, they are right where they should be and doing what they should be doing. And it really work wonders with other people

4) Morning woods, beast-hard erections, full balls:

Penis is bigger (at least feels like it) and fuller. No questions about that

5) Aura of testosterone

I don’t know how, but women can sense your new roaring masculinity without a word spoken… they do feel the energy of bursting testosterone, the full-balls under your belt. They tend to gravitate towards me with their attention, action, thoughts etc.. You can see it in their eyes that they know. Eye-fucking form strangers in public is quite normal

6) Huge motivation

Holy f*ck I want to be the best fucking man in the world at every aspect of myself. I want to go beyond and I seek for wisdom (I literally crave books about accomplishments of humanity, about philosophy etc.) I feel deep down the urge to challenge the world in everything that is brought my way


Even tho I did a good job, 90 days is not the end of the road. I know that porn is hiding in the shadows; waiting for the opportunity… it’s like a badly beaten beast on brink of dying that is fighting to stay alive until its last breath. DO NOT GIVE THE BEAST AN OPPORTUNITY TO FIGHT BACK… SLAY IT WITH FINISHING MOVE THROUGH YOUR TRIUMPH


With strict NoFap (no edging, no fapping, no porn.. regular sex is ok imho) you will become stoic, very calm, but decisive and energized individual over time. You will love that sht, surrounding people will love that sht, bitches will love that sh*t. Cliche as it is. World is your to take

LINK – 90 days.. first triumph is here

by SuspiciousMonk