My 50 day flatline is over and I feel great!

So, here is how my NoFap experience has been:

  • Days 1-7; no changes.
  • Days 8-12; Wet dreams every night, boosted urges/sex drive.
  • Days 13-63; FLATLINNNNNNNE. Drop in sex drive, no urges to fap. Pretty much felt like standard me, but with a very slightly dipped sex drive.
  • Day 64; 3 wet dreams in a single night and incredibly vivid dreams. Woke up feeling a little crappy, and very aware of the chaser effect.
  • Days 65-70; Boom, I feel amazing, sex drive has rocketed along with confidence etc etc. M fap urges have also boosted though, so I need to watch those. My early flatline has made these first 70 days pretty easy, but it will feel tricky from now. I have also had consistently vivid sexual dreams, usually about ex’s. More wet dreams feel likely.

I know my flatline wasn’t too long, but let me call out to all you flat-liners, stay with it, it is worth every day of frustration

LINK – My 50 day flatline is over and I feel great!

by Faplineover