My confidence is completely at a whole new level


I am quite sure that today is 6 months since I started, if I am correct. I started on November the 20. I never really thought that I would make it this far, haha. Oh well, it doesn’t stop here, but I am still proud of myself. Keep going to everyone who is having a tough time.

  1. My confidence is completely at a whole new level. When I step inside the bus, train or class I am like Conor McGregor walking into his press conferences. I’ve got my head high, a little smile on my lips and I can feel everyone’s urge to turn their head to see which strong source of energy just entered the room, and I will make eyecontact with whoever is looking me in the eyes. With the confidence comes this also “I don’t really give a f**k” attitude – you don’t really care what people think and things that you could be so stressed over before doesn’t affect you. You become better at saying NO, you are not afraid to say NO.
  2. I’m happier and have more energy. It is way easier for me to go do a workout after a long day of school – it is not a struggle anymore. Everytime I see my friends I feel this big sense of happiness that makes me smile and makes my friends smile. Sometimes when I walk up in class I just look someone in the eyes and smile for no reason, and then someone else in the classroom starts smiling and so on. They are attracted to my presence and positive energy and it affects almost everyone.
  3. I don’t objectify women. I can talk to any girl, and keep a conversation without it getting awkward or I start looking else where. I have that focus to keep the eyecontact and very often it is the girl who can’t keep looking me in the eyes because my eyecontact is too strong, not in a negative way, but I can center all my focus on her without thinking about 1000 other things.

And last but not least I am becoming a MAN. I don’t know how to explain this, but I am just becoming more of an independent individual.

Here are the keys that I believe helped me to achieve this goal;

  1. Workout every single day.
  2. Stretch every single day (this works as meditation for me – I will later make a post where I explain the few but effective stretches I do).
  3. Take cold showers.
  4. Stay away from things that your brain is trying to trick you to do when it can’t get PMO. For example I deleted my Instagram and unsubscribed to any YouTuber that offently have some arousing footage in their videos.
  5. Avoid FANTASIZING about any girl, even a girl you saw on the streets. And also don’t go to your crush’s facebook profile and go through all her pictures – it just leads to fantasizing. Just stop stalking girls on facebook and stuff like that, it creates that feeling of guilt.

And the 2 most important things:

  1. VISUALIZE!!! Tell your self stories, make up stories in your mind that you would want to happen, for example I used that Conor McGregor story so many times. Visualizing myself walking around with the confidence of Conor McGregor. But also visualize things that you DON’T want to happen or thinking back to awkward moments where you couldn’t look someone in the eyes.
  2. BREATH DEEP INTO YOUR BALLS. Whenever you have time or when you are feeling stressed or any uncomfort breath in and make your belly big, then breath out and try to relax wherever you might have any tension (in your neck, shoulder etc).

Hope it helps 🙂 Just keep going anoher day, and another day, and another day, and another…..

LINK – I reached 6 months. WTF.

By Unbourne