My girlfriend came back once I fixed my shit


I really appreciate what this sub has done for me, but that was the old me. It has been almost a year now since I watched porn, I haven’t fapped for that time either. I lost my girlfriend because of what I did and a year later we are rebuilding our relationship. I love her and we regularly have sex. PMO is such a freaking waste of your life.

Grow up and give up PMO. Find yourself and find the love of your life. I can guarantee you that as time goes by you will realize how much better it is to have love than porn/fapping. I just wanted to give some insight as to how I am doing for those who kept up with me.

I saw a post recently about someone who no longer needs this sub. While he didn’t have a long streak, going without the subreddit may be for the best. As time goes by and you become more assured of yourself and build up more self control and tolerance, being a part of this subreddit may actually cause you to be brought down by those who continue making mistakes.

To give a personal comparison, a person (me) who drank and smoked and PMO’d and did nothing with his life decided to make a change. After that change he doesn’t go back to hanging out with his friends who smoke and drink and watch porn and be lazy. He accepts his new healthy lifestyle, job, exercise and hobbies, and his wonderful girlfriend who came back into his life once he fixed his shit.

Yes that person is me. I really don’t need this subreddit anymore, though it helped me at the very beginning. Once I was able to switch to helping MYSELF and I moved past this portion of my journey, I felt like I was being held back by those who continued to let themselves fail. I by no means mean this as an insult. I continue to stay a part of this sub by giving tips and checking in with old friends.

But my life has changed, I really don’t even like being on Reddit all that much. I find it a waste of my life. But every once in a while I get on.

I also wanted to explain that guy’s post from the other day. And encourage you all to take responsibility of your actions and make CHOICES. Good luck to all! I’ll stop by again in a bit.)

Believe it or not you have COMPLETE control over what you do. Try to control what you see, if something gets through you can still control your response/reaction to what you see/experience. Yeah it is hella uncomfortable at first but then it goes away.

LINK – A mistake made more than once is a decision.

By -Free_rick_sanchez-