My girlfriend WANTS me for the first time in our relationship


So it happened!!!.. we did it after 3 months! was amazing!!! we made out like never before! such a passion! i thank god for this moment, she said she felt really better and a huge weight of her shoulder cause she wanted me naturally for the  first time in months.. maybe 8 months… i know right!!!..

After a year and a half of amazing moments and experience with my… what i think is my girl and future mother of my children, we had a really tough, rough patch 3 months of fights, why? mostly cause i was sexually adicted to her. and i let love slip aside the relationship. i was unaware of my actions so hang up in my massive urges. i got mad at her when she said NO!.

so yeah.. i was an asshole with her, and all she did was helped me a lot with my childhood issues. she started seeing me as a child and so things got complicated, to the point of no return. she couldn even touch me. we talk a lot after 2 months of nothing and weird scenarios.. and i started no fap around 2 months in· i realise no PMO made me face all the things i did wrong in the past and came to peace with them!. accept and move on! so i would not repeat the same things!!….

I had the MOST DIFICULT TIME IN MY LIFE!!!!!!.. i cryed a lot!! i get in touch with my feelings.. this time in my private time! so she would not have to handle my issues anymore. i am a man and i supposed to be her pilar.. she was really understanding in the past but i took advantage of that victim roll.. i abuse all aspects of the good things i had. and she went trough a lot of shit in her life compared to mine.

After 2 weeks of NOFAP streak! and a lot of emotional healing, i started to become an ALPHA MALE!!!.. drop 10 pounds, got huge chest and abs, and stopped cringing like a girl. i put a lot of sexual tension and the draw back!! [My GF] started to crave me and thinking of me!. she wanted me to be the father of her future child if u know what i mean.

BUT!!!! o man.. after 2 weeks retaining i lasted 3 minutes!!!… i did a lot of foreplay but just got a huge amount to release.. i was a good thing she love that and i was still.. you know.. strong for her to get there twice! (sorry if this wasn’t “cold” enough)

HOW DO YOU PERFORM WHEN BEING IN NOFAP AND HAVE SEX??.. maybe it was too soon just 2 weeks?.. i should being in nofap the whole 3 months she did not looked at me haha.

LINK – Had sex last night after 3 months with my gf!!!.

By thefaplife