My life has changed and I am happy


Short update: I stopped fapping, started working out again, I almost only Drink water and eat healthy for the most part. I stopped smoking cigs and weed two weeks before nofap and take two cold showers a day. Before I had huge problems to cum during sex, I had gained some weight over a couple of weeks and my hair began to thin, so I couldnt style it upwards anymore…

Last Weekend I had sex with my ex and it was awesome. We parted like a year ago, still on good terms. The sex felt like a clean cut (relationshipwise) and she hasnt been that attracted to me since the beginning of our relationship. Just really showed that I can perform in bed better than in years and that I am on a great track alltogether. Plus I calmed inside regarding her and closed this chapter of my life. Wouldnt do it any other way if I could change it.

She was really a dick towards me after that (mentioning another dude in EVERY conversation/text exchange WE had over the next days) and I didnt care. Sex was great and I know that would never happened with fapping. I swear to God my hair came back and I am absolutely over the moon! 🙂

Last weekend I went out with a good friend of mine who can pull girls left and right. It was the best night out in years!!! Got three (!!!) numbers talked to like 10-15 girls and had sex with one of them that night. Everything worked perfect. This is really not supposed to be a brag thread, I just realize how much I was responsible for my misery. Thank God I found this thread!

The biggest change I feel is that I wanna continue this path no matter what. Focusing on improving myself in every aspect. This is so much more than just not beating the drum stick. I absolutely dont want to start from “0” cause I like my state of mind right now. There will be downs along the Road. Hard ones I imagine. But the downs that would come if I was to fap would be 100 times harder. I know that I didnt reach any kind of goal. I’m merely on the right path in my life and I will challenge myself everyday to stay here. Because I am fuking done with wasting my life away. I am starting to love myself again and that is more worth than any fap/joint/porn in the world.

PS: huge shoutout to the guy here who recommended the book “way of the peaceful warrior”.

Tldr: my life has changed and I am happy

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By StannisBara